HC Deb 23 April 1850 vol 110 cc766-7

Order for Committee read.

MR. HUTT moved that the Committee be postponed to this day fortnight. He wished to know what course the right hon. Gentleman the Chancellor of the Exchequer intended to take with respect to the Bill?


said, that he had been in communication with the hon. Member himself, and had also taken every means of obtaining information on the mode suggested by the hon. Member, and the result of his inquiries had been to convince him that it was perfectly impossible to obtain any adequate security against fraud, in allowing a system of drawbacks with respect to wood required for shipbuilding purposes. He fully admitted that the timber duties were at present in an unsatisfactory state, and that strong reasons existed in favour of an alteration. There were insuperable difficulties, however, in the way of drawbacks, and he should therefore feel it his duty to oppose the Bill whenever it might be brought forward.


expressed himself desirous of seeing the subject finally disposed of, as in the present unsettled state of affairs many persons were subjected to great inconvenience. He regretted that upon a former occasion, when he felt it his duty to ask a question of the right hon. the Chancellor of the Exchequer, that right hon. Baronet should have answered him in a manner which showed that he had allowed his temper to get the better of his good judgment.


said, that he was not aware of having, on any occasion, answered the noble Lord with any want of courtesy. What he had stated in reply to the question was, that the more convenient time for putting his question would be when the present Bill was brought before the House.


expressed his great regret at the decision to which the right hon. the Chancellor of the Exchequer had come.


was also concerned to hear the decision of the right hon. Gentleman, as he was sure it would be heard with concern by his constituents. He hoped, however, that the question would be settled at once, as many persons were prevented from entering into engagements so long as the question remained in suspense.


said, he proposed to postpone the Committee for a fortnight, in order that he might have time to produce further evidence, that he might, if possible, change the right hon. Gentleman's decision, which he, in common with other Gentlemen, deeply regretted.

House resumed.

Committee report progress; to sit again on Tuesday, 7th May.

The House adjourned at half after Twelve o'clock.