HC Deb 12 April 1850 vol 110 cc293-5

Order for Second Reading read.

The LORD ADVOCATE moved the Second Reading of this Bill.


observed, that there were in this Bill 368 clauses, and in another Bill connected with it—Police and Improvement (Scotland) Bill—148 clauses; and such being the case, he objected to the House proceeding with the measure at that late hour.


was quite sure there could be no dispute about the principle of the Sanitary Bill. Therefore he hoped the House would read it a second time, so that it might go into Committee, where the details could be discussed.


also objected to proceeding with a Bill containing upwards of 500 clauses at that late hour.


begged to remind the House that this was a Bill exactly similar in principle to the measure with respect to England, which had received the assent of Parliament. All they now asked, was to go through this stage of the Bill, and there would be time hereafter for the due consideration of the details.


wished to state some objections which he had to this measure. The Bill was brought in last Session, and referred to a Select Committee of the House, by whom some changes were made in its construction. One of the changes was that the preliminary inquiries under which the Bill was to be brought into operation were now submitted to the direction of the sheriffs of the counties. That change must surely no longer render it necessary to put the country to the expense of appointing a secretary, or the people of Scot land to the inconvenience of having a hoard in London, to direct the preliminary inquiries under this Bill. He had one other very great objection to this Bill, namely, that it could be put into operation on the petition of the police commissioners or the provosts of towns.

Bill read 2°, and committed for Friday 26th April.

The House adjourned at half after Twelve o'clock till Monday next.