HC Deb 14 May 1849 vol 105 cc388-9

Sir, I made an inquiry of Her Majesty's Government, some time back, whether, in consequence of the recurrence of hostilities between Denmark and Germany, they would have any objection to lay upon the table the negotiations that had taken place between these two Powers under our mediation. The noble Lord at the head of the Government then stated that, notwithstanding the recurrence of hostilities, negotiations were still pending under the mediation of Her Majesty's Government, for a definitive peace between the two Powers. I wish to take this opportunity, as some time has elapsed since that answer, of again inquiring from Her Majesty's Government whether those negotiations have been pursued under the mediation of the British Crown; whether any project has been proposed by Her Majesty's Government to Denmark and the Central Power of Germany; and whether that proposition, if one has been made by Her Majesty's Government, has been accepted by both or either of those Powers.


Her Majesty's Government, notwithstanding the renewal of hostilities between the two parties, felt it their duty to omit no effort that might, by possibility, effect either, in the first instance, the renewal of an armistice, and, in the second place, the conclusion of a peace between the two parties. Accordingly it became my duty to make to the two parties a fresh proposition, with a view to the establishment of an armistice. That proposition is still under consideration; and I am sure the House will feel it would not be fitting for me to go into particulars as to in what degree it may be likely to be accepted by one or both of the parties. But I can state so far, that not only is that proposition for a renewed armistice under the consideration of the two parties, but that also we are in communication with the two parties with a view to the final settlement and adjustment of the questions at issue between them. I feel that anything I might say with regard to holding out hopes is so likely to be misunderstood by persons whose commercial interests are concerned, or, if not misunderstood by them, so likely to be misrepre- sented, in case anything happens afterwards, that the House will excuse me if I do not enter into any explanation further than merely stating that negotiations are going on for an armistice, and the conclusion of a peace.

Subject at an end.

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