HC Deb 26 March 1849 vol 103 cc1294-5

asked whether the Rate in Aid Bill would be proceeded with that evening, and what was the latest hour at which it would be taken?


I do not propose to bring on the Rate in Aid Bill later than ten o'clock. If the Committee on the Navigation Bill be concluded before that hour, I propose to bring it on. I may, perhaps, take this opportunity also to state, that I propose to take the Navigation Bill this evening, and to go through Committee. I propose that the report should be considered on Monday next, and that the third reading should be taken after Easter. With respect to the Rate in Aid Bill, I beg to state that, if it is not proceeded with to-night, I propose to proceed with it on Wednesday, and to go on with it on Friday till the Bill has been read a second time. I should propose, on Friday, that the House go into Committee of the whole House, for the purpose of moving that a sum not exceeding 100,000l. be advanced on the credit of the rate in aid for the distressed unions in Ireland. If the Committee of the whole House should agree to that resolution, I should propose afterwards that it be inserted as a clause in the Rate in Aid Bill. I likewise beg to state that I shall propose, on Monday next, that on Thursday, the 19th of April, and every alternate Thursday after that day. Orders of the Day shall have precedence of Notices. I beg likewise to give notice that, on Wednesday se'nnight, I shall propose that the House at its rising do adjourn to Monday, the 16th April.


Does the noble Lord mean to propose the vote of 100,000l. on Friday if the debate on the second reading of the Rate in Aid Bill be not then concluded.


I will take the second reading of the Bill before the vote in Committee; but I will put it for Friday at present.


Will the noble Lord state whether he means to take any vote in supply to-night?


I believe we shall require a vote on account with reference to the Ordnance. That is absolutely necessary.

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