HC Deb 06 March 1849 vol 103 cc252-3

rose, and spoke as follows; Sir, the Hon. Gentleman the Member for Montrose asked me a question yesterday relating to the affairs of India. I then stated, that Her Majesty's Ministers had tendered certain advice to Her Majesty on that subject; but that until I had received a reply from Her Majesty, I could not answer the question of the hon. Gentleman. I have now to state, that the advice which was by us humbly tendered to Her Majesty was, that Sir Charles James Napier should be appointed Commander-in-Chief of the troops in India. Sir, Her Majesty was pleased most graciously and fully to approve of that appointment; and both the Duke of Wellington, the Commander-in-Chief, and I, have seen Sir Charles James Napier to-day; and I have the satisfaction to state that he is ready to obey Her Majesty's wishes, and to proceed to India in the capacity to which Her Majesty has appointed him. The Court of Directors have not yet met, but I believe that they will meet to-morrow; and, from what I know of their patriotism, I fully expect that they will receive with joy and satisfaction the appointment which Her Majesty has been pleased to make.