HC Deb 06 March 1849 vol 103 c251

PUBLIC BILLS.—3° Petty Sessions; Distraining for Rates.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Mr. Hume, from the Town of Ross, in the County of Hereford, for Referring War Disputes to Arbitration.—From the South Devon Railway Company, respecting Taxation on Railways,—By Mr. Rumbold, from the Town of Great Yarmouth, for an Alteration of the Law respecting Gas Meters.—By Mr. Saunders Davies, for Including South Wales in the High ways Bills.—By Mr. Gumming Bruce, from Merchants, and Others, of the port of Hopeman (Scotland), and by other Hon. Members, from several Places, against the Navigation Bill By Mr. Shafto Adair, from the Guardians of the Ballymena Union, in the County of Antrim, against the Proposed Rate in Aid (Ireland).—From the Board of Guardians of the Cardiff Union, against the Renewal of the Poor Law Union Charges Act—From the Guardians of the Darlington Union, in the Counties of Durham and York, for an Alteration of the Public Roads Bill.—By Mr. Cumming Bruce, from the Presbytery of Nairn, for an Alteration of the Law for Registering Births, & c. (Scotland).—By Mr. Cobden, from Hudders-field, and its Vicinity, for Referring War Disputes to Arbitration.