HC Deb 01 March 1849 vol 103 c11

suggested that it would be very desirable that the House should be put in possession of the terms of the Resolution of which the hon. Member for Buckinghamshire had given notice on this subject.


said, he had already placed the Resolution he intended to move in the hands of the clerk at the table, and he apprehended it would be printed with the votes in the usual way.


thought it important that the public should know what the exact terms of the Motion were, and, if there was no objection, he would propose that the clerk be directed to read the Resolution which the hon. Member for Buckinghamshire had placed in his hands.

The Clerk then read the Resolution as follows:— That the whole of the Local Taxation of the Country for national purposes falls mainly, if not exclusively, on real property, and bears with undue severity on the occupiers of land, in a manner injurious to the Agricultural Interests of the Country, and otherwise highly impolitic and unjust. That the hardship of this apportionment is greatly aggravated by the fact, that more than one-third of the whole Revenue derived from the Excise, is levied upon agricultural produce, ex-posed, by the recent changes in the Law, to direct competition with the untaxed produce of Foreign Countries; the home producer being thus subjected to a burthen of taxation which, by greatly enhancing the price, limits the demand for British produce; and to restrictions, which injuriously interfere with the conduct of his trade and industry. That this House will resolve itself into a Committee to take into its serious consideration such measures as may remove the grievances of which the owners and occupiers of real property thus justly complain, and which may establish a more equitable apportionment of the public burthens.