HC Deb 23 July 1849 vol 107 c834

PUBLIC BILLS.—1° Slave Trade (Persian Gulf); Admiralty Jurisdiction in the Colonies.

2° Consolidated Fund; Treasury Instruments; House of Lords Costs Taxation; Metropolitan Sewers.

Reported.—Cruelty to Animals; Protection of Women; New Forest and Waltham Forest; Pilotage; General Board of Health; Drainage of Lands; Defects in Leases Suspension.

3° Poor Law Union Charges Act Amendment; Collection of Rates (Dublin); Dublin Improvement (No. 2); Attachments. Courts of Record (Ireland).

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Mr. William Evans, from Holbrook, for Universal Suffrage.—By Captain Dawson, from the Synod of Armagh and Monaghan, for the Clergy Relief Bill.—By Mr. Baring Wall, from several Places, against, and by Lord Nugent, from Lambeth, in favour of, the Sunday Trading (Metropolis) Bill—By Mr. Edward Ellice, from Anstruther, against the Sunday Travelling on Railways Bill; also from Cupar, for a Uniform Rate of Postage between Great Britain and the Colonies; and from St Andrew's, for Inquiry respecting the Roads and Bridges of Scotland.—By Mr. Aglionby, from Shareholders in the Lancaster and Preston Junction Railway Company, for the Postponement of the Audit of Railway Accounts Bill.—By Viscount Ebrington, from Plymouth, for the Bankrupt Law Consolidation Bill.—By Mr. Bouverie, from Anstruther, for Repeal of the Game Laws.—From Charles Wye Williams, for an Alteration of the Pilotage Bill.—By Mr. Brotherton, from Manchester, for an Alteration of the Poor Law Union Charges Act Amendment Bill.—By Lord John Hay, from Windsor, for the Protection of Women Bill.—By Mr. Parker, from Sheffield, for an Alteration of the Sale of Beer Act.—By Mr. G. Cavendish, from Glossop, complaining of the Number of Tollbars and Side-gates on the Turnpike Road from Stockport to Thomsett.