HC Deb 27 February 1849 vol 102 cc1323-5

wished to put a question to the noble Lord the Secretary for Foreign Affairs, of some importance. Rumours were prevalent that some of the arms used by the Sicilian insurgents had been supplied from Her Majesty's stores at Woolwich or elsewhere. He wished to know whether there was any foundation for those rumours?


said, that no stores had been supplied at the expense of Her Majesty's Government. The fact was, that in September the contractor who was in the habit of supplying guns to the Ordnance, applied for leave to take back some of the guns he had supplied, to enable him to complete an order from the Sicilian Government. On the matter being referred to him, he (Viscount Palmerston) thought that there could be no objection to allowing the party to take back some of the arms, on the understanding that he was to furnish others in their place.