HC Deb 14 February 1849 vol 102 c673

PUBLIC BILLS.—1o Real Property Transfer. 2°Insolvent Members.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Mr. Bright, from a Meeting held in the Fitzroy Temperance Hall, St. Marylebone, for a Better Observance of the Lord's Day.—By M r. W. Evans, from Brailsford, in the County of Devon, against Endowing the Roman Catholic Clergy—By Mr. Miles, from George Anthony Denison, M. A., Vicar of East Brent, Somerset, for an Alteration of the Present System of Education.—By Lord Marcus Hill, from the Hon. Sir Richard Broun, Bt., of Brompton, London, for the Production of a certain Correspondence respecting the Halifax and Quebec Railway.—By Mr. Anstey, from James Stephenson, a Prisoner, of the Court of Chancery, in Lincoln Castle, for Inquiry respecting his Imprisonment for Alleged Contempt of Court—By Mr. William Fagan, from the Cork Harbour Commissioners, in favour of the Light Dues Bill (1847–8).—By Mr. W. Miles, from William Mansfield, of Stapleton, Gloucestershire, complaining of Dismissal from his Situation.—By Mr. Alexander Hastie, from the Directors of the Chamber of Commerce, of the City of Glasgow, against the Merchant Seamen's Fund Bill (1847–8).—By Mr. Wawn, from South Shields, and several other Places, against a Repeal of the Navigation Laws.—By Mr. W. Miles, from the Guardians of the Bedminster Union, respecting the Poor Law as it affects that Union.—By Mr. Grogan Morgan, from the Division of Tacumshane, Wexford Union, for Amendment of the Poor Law (Ireland); and in favour of the Establishment of District Fever Hospitals.—By Mr. Bright, from the Inhabitants of Alton, and its Neighbourhood, for the Abolition of Capital Punishment.—By Mr. Anstey, from Limerick, for a Better Regulation of the Salmon Fisheries (Ireland).—From John Wroe, a Chancery Suitor, four years and a half a Prisoner in Lincoln Castle, for Inquiry into his Case.—By Mr. Hollond, from Hastings and St. Leonard's, for Referring War Disputes to Arbitration.