HC Deb 28 April 1849 vol 104 c967

wished to know whether there would be any objection on the part of the Government to furnish to the House the names of the Gentlemen who were to be appointed commissioners to carry into effect the provisions of this measure? His own vote on the second reading would be very materially influenced by a knowledge of who the gentlemen were who were to be entrusted with the duties of so important a character.


did not think it would be advisable to insert the names of the commissioners in the Bill. He was not prepared just at that moment to give an explicit reply to the question of the hon. Member, but he was quite ready to admit that it was desirable that the greatest possible care should be taken in the selection of the gentlemen who were to act as commissioners. Who those gentlemen were to be he had not yet determined; he had not bestowed a thought upon the matter; but whether their names were to be inserted in the Bill, or the Government were to be entrusted with the power of nominating them hereafter, in either case care ought to be taken to select gentlemen who were conversant with the subject, and who would not be afraid to grapple with it; gentlemen, moreover, who would take care not to violate those rights which the owners of property justly thought they were entitled to claim.

The House adjourned at half-after Twelve o'clock.