HC Deb 27 April 1849 vol 104 cc964-7

moved that Mr. W. Miles be discharged from further attendance on the Select Committee on Smith-field Market, and that Mr. Ormsby Gore be added to the Committee.


moved as an Amendment, that Sir De Lacy Evans be substituted for Mr. Miles. He objected to Mr. Gore, as a person whose opinions on the question were strongly marked. Besides, he thought that it was of importance to have on the Committee a representative of one of the constituencies subject to the inconvenience complained of. The hon. Member also took occasion to say he was prepared to prove that the corporation had a pecuniary interest in the removal, rather than in the continuance, of Smithfield market, the tolls which they derived from it being less than the interest of the money which they had paid for the land, and much less than the ground-rents which they would receive if the space were employed in the manner it would be if the market were removed.


put the question, that Mr. W. Miles be discharged from further attendance on the Committee, which was unanimously carried.

On the next question, as to whether the name of Mr. O. Gore or Sir D. L. Evans should be substituted in place of Mr. Miles,


said, that in his opinion there was great impropriety in suffering the nomination of Committees to be in the hands of individual Members; and he submitted to the House, whether it would be advisable to appoint a Committee to nominate Members of public Committees, in the same way as was done with regard to private Bills?


had no personal objection to Sir De Lacy Evans, but the fact was that Mr. Gore, who was Chairman of the former Committee, had been left out of the existing Committee by a mere mistake, and on that account he thought it would be unfair to reject him now.


explained that he had left out Mr. Gore's name under the erroneous impression that he did not wish to serve.


said he would not divide.

Motion made, and Question proposed, "That Mr. Ormsby Gore be added to the Committee."

Amendment proposed, to leave out the name of "Mr. Ormsby Gore," and to insert the name of "Sir De Lacy Evans," instead thereof.

Question, "That the name of 'Mr. Ormsby Gore' stand part of the Question, put, and agreed to. Mr. Ormsby Gore added to the Committee.

The House adjourned at half-after One o'clock.