HC Deb 02 April 1849 vol 104 c147

wished to know whether the declaration made by the French Minister for Foreign Affairs with respect to the north of Italy was the result of a concurrent action with this Government?


said, perhaps the hon. Gentleman would alter the shape of his question, and state what declaration he alluded to. It must be obvious that it would not be the most fitting course for a Member of Her Majesty's Government, in the present state of affairs in the north of Italy and in France, to make any declaration on the part of the French Government. If the hon. Member asked him a question with regard to any declaration made by Her Majesty's Government, of course it would be his duty to answer.


said, he had alluded to the past engagements of the two Governments. The Minister for Foreign Affairs in France had declared the determination of his Government to maintain the integrity of Piedmont, and he wished to know whether that declaration was made in consequence of any understanding between the two Governments.


Of course, it must be evident that any change in the territorial limits of Europe would be a subject requiring very grave consideration. He had no reason to suppose, from anything which he had heard, that any intention or desire, or disposition whatever, existed on the part of the Austrian Government to require from Piedmont as a condition of peace any cession of territory.