HC Deb 04 September 1848 vol 101 c789

had given notice of his intention to move for returns of the entries of British West India sugar, &c, as reported in the Customs Bill (A) of entry, because it had been said, the other day, that he had found a "mare's nest." If any Member of the Government, however, would get up and say that his statement was correct, he would not ask for the returns.


was sorry that his right hon. Friend the President of the Board of Trade was not present; but he believed that the statement made by the noble Lord was correct, and that the statement made by the Board of Trade was equally correct. Both sides were right, the returns having been made up in two different ways.


did not see how it was possible for both statements to be correct; but he was satisfied with the acknowledgment that his own was accurate, and therefore he would not press for those returns.

House adjourned at Seven o'clock.