HC Deb 31 May 1848 vol 99 c134

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Mr. Goulburn, from the Town of Aylsham (Norfolk), and by other Hon. Members, from several Places, for Better Observance of the Lord's Day.—By Mr. Matheson, from the Presbytery of Tain, against the Marriage (Scotland) Bill (1847).—By Viscount Drumlanrig, from Kirkmichael, Dumfries-shire, and several other Places, in favour of the Places of Worship Sites (Scotland) Bill.—By Mr. Sullivan, from the Mayor, Aldermen, and Burgesses of Kilkenny, for Removal of the Disabilities from the Roman Catholic Clergy (Ireland).—By Lord Hotham, from Freeholders of the East Riding of Yorkshire, against the Roman Catholic Relief Bill.—By Mr. Duncan M'Neill, from the Presbytery of Lorne (Argyle), against the Diplomatic Relations, Court of Rome, Bill.—By Mr. Sharman Crawford, from Todmorden (Lancaster), in favour of a Secular Education.—By Mr. Bateson, from Merchants and Others, of Coleraine, for Alteration of the Imprisonment for Debt (Ireland) Bill.—By Sir H. F. Davie, from the Royal Burgh of Haddington, against the Lunatic Asylums (Scotland) Bill.—By Mr. Meagher, from Members of the Waterford Sanitary Association, for Extending the Registration of Births, Deaths, and Marriages Act to Ireland.—By Mr. Matheson, from the Parochial Board of Tarbat, Ross-shire, against the Proposed Alteration of the Law respecting the Registration of Births, Deaths, and Marriages (Scotland).