HC Deb 25 May 1848 vol 98 c1414

MR. P. HOWARD: Seeing the noble Secretary for Foreign Affairs in his place, I beg to ask whether he is now, or will be at a future day, prepared to say what progress has been made in the negotiation with respect to the mediation of this country between Denmark and Prussia, or rather, I should say, between Denmark and the confederated German Powers?

VISCOUNT PALMERSTON: I am quite willing to give the information to my hon. Friend now, as far as it is consistent with the duty of a person engaged in any negotiation to do so. I think I may state that there is a disposition on both sides to consider proposals that might lead to an amicable termination of the negotiation. Of course, I cannot pretend to answer for the result; but I may state this fact, that while on the one hand the Danish Government have taken off some of the blockades which they began by imposing, on the other hand I have been informed within the last hour that the Prussian Government does not mean to enforce the order made by General Wrangel, for levying a forced contribution on Jutland: there appears, therefore, to be a desire for conciliation on both sides.