HC Deb 23 May 1848 vol 98 cc1259-60

MR. BANKES: Sir, I wish to put a question to the noble Lord the Secretary for Foreign Affairs. The noble Lord, in answer to a question I put yesterday, stated that there had passed since the correspondence already upon the table of the House, between the Minister of Spain and the Minister in England, some notes which I understood the noble Lord to say were of a private and confidential nature. Now, this morning, in two at least of the public newspapers, there appears a very long letter from the Duke de Sotomayor to Sir H. Bulwer; and I beg to know whether that is one of the notes of which the noble Lord spoke, and if it be, whether he would have any objection to produce that note, and also any other correspondence that may have passed?

VISCOUNT PALMERSTON: I stated yesterday that I was in daily expectation of having a messenger from Madrid, and that messenger arrived this morning. I find from the despatches that Sir Henry Bulwer, on the 17th, was about to leave Madrid, and had received his passports from the Spanish Government. I certainly think it my duty to lay further papers on the table of the House, and I hope to present them on Thursday next.

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