HC Deb 16 May 1848 vol 98 cc1062-3

NEW WRIT. For York City, v. Henry G. Redhead Yorke, Esq., deceased.

PUBLIC BILLS. 1° Tithe Rent Charge, &c. (Ireland).

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Mr. Cowan, from Edinburgh, for Adoption of Parliamentary Reform.—By Viscount Bernard, from Cork, against. Repeal of the Union with Ireland.—By Mr. Henry Berkeley, from Bristol and its Neighbourhood, for Adoption of Vote by Ballot.—By Mr. Pole Carew, from the Deanery of East (Cornwall), for Alteration of the Law respecting Bishops.—By Lord Courtenay, from the Deanery of Cadbury, in the Diocese of Exeter, for Increasing the Number of Bishops.—By Mr. Gardner, from Leicester, for Abolition of Church Rates.—By Mr. Bright, from Bury (Lancaster), and by other Hon. Members, from several Places, for Better Observance of the Lord's Day.—By Mr. Bateson, from Magherafelt, and several other Places in Ireland, in favour of the Places of Worship Sites (Scotland) Bill.—By Mr. Masterman, from the District of All Saints, in the Parish of St. Mary, Islington, against the Roman Catholic Relief Bill.—By Lord Courtenay, from Kingsbridge (Devon), and by other Hon. Members, from a number of Places, for Repeal of the Duty on Attorneys' Certificates.—By Mr. Tennent, from Belfast, for Inquiry into the Excise Laws.—By Mr. Ord, from Newcastle-on-Tyne, and its Vicinity, for Alteration of the Banking Law.—By Mr. Littleton, from Walsall, for Alteration of the Law of Bankruptcy and Insolvency.—By Mr. Archibald Hastie, from several Lodges of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Manchester Unity, for Extension of the Benefit Societies Act.—By Mr. Masterman, from the Parish of St. Ann's, Blackfriars, and several other Places, against the Diplomatic Relations, Court of Rome, Bill.—By Viscount Bernard, from Athnowen, Diocese of Cork, and by Mr. Napier, from Derryvollen, Louth, for Encouragement to Schools in Connexion with the Church Education Society (Ireland).—By Mr. Grey, from John Martin Hatchett, late a Post Captain in the Royal Navy, respecting his Dismissal from the Service.—By Mr. Cardwell, from Merchants and Others, of Liverpool, respecting Master Porters connected with that Port.—By Mr. Robartes, from St. Austell (Cornwall), for Alteration of the Law respecting Mendicants.—By Mr. Stafford, from Owners and Occupiers of Land in the Parish of Irthlingborough (Northampton), for Alteration of the Poor Removal Act.—By Mr. Hume, from Richard Poole, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh, respecting the Postage Charge on Re-directed Letters.—By Mr. Hale, from Medical Officers of the Chipping Sodbury Union (Gloucester), for Alteration of the Public Health Bill.—By Captain Fordyce, from Aberdeen, and by Mr. Hume, from Montrose, respecting the Suggested Loans on Railways (Scotland).—By Mr. Hume, from Gloucester, for Alteration of the Law relating to Turnpike Roads.