HC Deb 31 March 1848 vol 97 c1136

NEW MEMBERS SWORN.—For Aylesbury, Quintin Dick, Esq.

Reported.—Administration of Oaths (Court of Chancery).

PUBLIC BILLS.—3° and passed;—Property Tax; Stamp Duties Assimilation.

PETITIONS PRESENTED.—By Mr. Plumptre, from Iver (Bucks), against the Roman Catholic Relief Bill.—By Mr. A. Matheson, from Nairn, for Alteration of the Law respecting Sites for Churches (Scotland).—By Mr. Alexander Hastie, from Glasgow, praying the House to take the State of the West India Colonies into Consideration.—By Mr. Vernon Smith, from Northampton, for a Repeal of the Duty on Attorneys' Certificates.—By several Hon. Members, from various Places, for Exemption of Charitable Bequests from the Legacy Duties.—By Mr. Rutherfurd, from the Leith Chamber of Commerce, against an Increase or Continuance of the Property Tax—By Mr. Alexander Matheson, from Nairn, for a Revision of the Stamp Duties.—By Mr. Alexander Hastie, from Glasgow, for Alteration of the Banking Law.—By several Hon. Members, from various Lodges of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, for an Extension of the Benefit Societies Act to that Order.—By several Hon. Members, from a Number of Places, against the Diplomatic Relations, Court of Rome, Bill.—By Sir W. Somerville, from Drogheda, against the Imprisonment for Debt (Ireland) Bill.—By Mr. Tennent, from Ballymacarrett, and its Vicinity (Downshire), against the Landlord and Tenant (Ireland) Bill—By Dr. Bowring from the Isle of Ely, for Retrenchment in the Naval and Military Expenditure.—By Lord G. Bentinck, from King's Lynn, against Repeal of the Navigation Laws.