HC Deb 24 March 1848 vol 97 c966

PUBLIC BILLS.—2° Property Tax; Stamp Duties Assimilation; Game Certificates for Killing Hares (Scotland).

PETITIONS PRESENTED.—By Sir T. Acland, from Com-martin (Devon), complaining of the Conduct of the Roman Catholic Clergy (Ireland).—By Mr. Gibson Craig, from several Charitable Institutions in Edinburgh, and by Mr. John Vivian, from the Governors of the Swansea Infirmary, for Exemption of Charitable Bequests from the Legacy Duties.—By Sir Benjamin Hall, from several Lodges of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Manchester Unity, for an Extension of the Benefit Societies Act.—From Members of several Lodges of the Ancient Order of Druids, for Sanitary Regulations.—By Mr. Sotheron, from the Surrey Iron Railway Company, praying for Leave to attend a Trial and produce certain Documents relating to that Company.