HC Deb 21 March 1848 vol 97 cc846-7

moved for a new writ for the borough of Bewdley, in the room of Mr. Ireland, whose election had been declared void.


did not wish to object to the Motion, but he rose for the purpose of directing the attention of the House to the fact that the Committee had presented a special report in this case, and it was for the House to declare whether, under such circumstances, a writ ought to issue forthwith. It was for the House to determine whether the vicious system of tampering with voters, and treating them to a very large extent, which appeared to have been followed both at the last election and at the previous election for that borough, ought to continue. It appeared from the report of the Committee that large bodies of men had been brought down at the late election for the purpose of assisting in protecting the voters—that every public-house in the town had been kept open, and a system of treating carried on to such an extent that the cost amounted to several hundred pounds. As he understood that the expense of printing the report and evidence would be very large, he did not wish to make a distinct Motion in this case, but he thought it was well worthy the consideration of the House whether some steps should not be taken for the proper protection of the exercise of the elective franchise.


read a passage from the special report of the Committee confirming the statement made by the hon. Gentleman who preceded him, and said he should move that the writ do not issue until the evidence be printed.


would not press for the issue of the writ under the circum-stances.

Motion withdrawn.

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