HC Deb 20 March 1848 vol 97 cc769-70

I rise to make a Motion which I am sure will not require any argument on my part to enforce it, for the proverbial loyalty and attachment towards the Sovereign which exists in this House and throughout the country, convince me that the House will at once acquiesce in any Motion for congratulating Her Majesty upon the occasion of an addition to Her domestic happiness by the birth of another Princess. The strict adherence to the constitution which Her Majesty has always shown in her political conduct and the high example which She has given of domestic life, have done so much to secure for Her Majesty the personal esteem and attachment of the whole people, that it is only necessary for me to more— That an humble Address be presented to Her Majesty, to congratulate Her Majesty on the Birth of another Princess, and to assure Her Majesty that every addition to Her Majesty's domestic happiness affords the highest satisfaction to Her Majesty's faithful Commons.


Having, on some former occasions, when holding office under the Crown, proposed addresses of a similar nature to that which the noble Lord has now proposed, I have great pleasure in seconding the Address, which, as a Minister of the Crown, he has submitted to the consideration of the House. I cordially join with him, and I am sure I am but expressing the universal feeling of the House, in wishing Her Majesty a long and happy reign; in congratulating the country that the Throne of this kingdom is likely to be perpetuated in the descendants of Her Majesty; and in earnestly hoping that every blessing will attend Her Majesty, which, under Divine Providence, is due for Her uniform anxiety and zeal to promote the best interests of the people in Her political capacity; and also for the admirable example of private virtue in every relation of domestic life which has been set by Her Majesty.

Motion carried nem con.

Address to be presented by Members of the Privy Council.

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