HC Deb 08 March 1848 vol 97 cc328-31

moved the Second Reading of the Game Certificates Bill.


had no wish to oppose the second reading, but he should reserve to himself the full right to object to the Bill, indeed he might say almost every clause of it, even the preamble, when it went into Committee. For his own part, he had never seen a more futile Bill, save and except that contemptible Game Bill that was once brought forward by the hon. Member for Manchester (Mr. Bright), and which had occasioned so much expense to the country—an expense which he thought the hon. Member ought to be obliged to meet out of his own pocket. He had numerous exceptions to this most futile Bill; and, above all, to that part of it which would enable the poacher to under-sell the licensed dealer. Indeed, the regular licensed dealer, who paid his taxes for the government of the country, was already undersold by a set of lawless fellows, who went about the streets without any license; but this Bill would give them still greater facilities. He hoped the hon. Member who had charge of it would assist him in making an effectual opposition to the "monster Motion" which had been threatened on this subject by the hon. Member for Manchester (Mr. Bright), who, in his humble opinion, did not know "a pointer from a pig."

Bill read a second time.

House adjourned.