HC Deb 16 June 1848 vol 99 c728

MR. STAFFORD moved— That Mr. Speaker do issue his Warrant to the Clerk of the Crown to make out a New Writ for the electing of two Burgesses to serve in this present Parliament for the Borough of Derby, in the room of the Right Hon. Edward Strutt and the Hon. Edward Frederick Leveson Gower, whose Election had been determined void.


thought, after the proceeding of last night in the case of the borough of Leicester, when the hon. Member was only supported by five Members, after a long speech and a debate of nearly three hours, it really would be advisable to postpone the present Motion, at least till Monday, when the whole subject would again come on.

The House divided: Ayes 36; Noes 89: Majority 53.

List of the AYES.
Anstey, T. C. Buck, L. W.
Bankes, G. Christopher, R. A.
Bruce, C. L. C. Christy, S.
Codrington, Sir W. O'Brien, Sir L.
Collins, W. Pakington, Sir J.
Colvile, C. R. Robinson, G. R.
Disraeli, B. Sandars, G.
Dodd, G. Sidney, Ald.
Fuller, A. E. Smyth, J. G.
Godson, R. Sotheron, T. H. S.
Goulburn, right hon. H. Spooner, R.
Grogan, E. Stephenson, R.
Heathcote, Sir W. Stuart, J.
Henley, J. W. Thornhill, G.
Herries, rt. hon. J. C. Trollope, Sir J.
Inglis, Sir R. H. Vyvyan, Sir R. R.
Lygon, hon. Gen.
Mahon, Visct. TELLERS.
Masterman, J. Stafford, A.
Newdegate, C. N. Baillie, H. J.
List of the NOES.
Adair, H. E. Heywood, J.
Adair, R. A. S. Hill, Lord M.
Adare, Visct. Hood, Sir A.
Bagshaw, J. Jackson, W.
Baring, H. B. Jervis, Sir J.
Bernal, R. Lincoln, Earl of
Bouverie, hon. E. P. Lushington, C.
Bowles, Adm. Macnaghten, Sir E.
Boyle, hon. Col. Mangles, R. D.
Bright, J. Martin, C. W.
Brotherton, J. Matheson, Col.
Bunbury, E. H. Maule, rt. hon. F.
Burke, Sir T. J. Milner, W. M. E.
Buxton, Sir E. N. Mitchell, T. A.
Callaghan, D. Molesworth, Sir W.
Cardwell, E. Monsell, W.
Carew, W. H. P. Morgan, H. K. G.
Clifford, H. M. Mostyn, hon. E. M. L.
Cobden, R. Mowatt, F.
Cochrane, A. D. R. W. B. Parker, J.
Cockburn, A. J. E. Pattison, J.
Coke, hon. E. K. Pendarves, E. W. W.
Crawford, W. S. Peto, S. M.
Davie, Sir H. R. F. Pugh, D.
Divett, E. Renton, J. C.
Douglas, Sir C. E. Ricardo, O.
Duff, G. S. Russell, F. C. H.
Duncan, G. Simeon, J.
Duncombe, hon. A. Somerville, rt. hn. Sir W.
Ellice, rt. hon. E. Stansfleld, W. R. C.
Estcourt, J. B. B. Stuart, Lord D.
Evans, Sir De L. Sullivan, M.
Fagan, W. Thompson, Col.
Fordyce, A. D. Thompson, G.
Fox, W. J. Thornely, T.
Frewen, C. H. Towneley, C.
Glyn, G. C. Tynte, Col.
Grace, O. D. J. Vane, Lord H.
Grey, rt. hon. Sir G. Vivian, J. H.
Grey, R. W. Wall, C. B.
Guest, Sir J. Wilson, M.
Gwyn, H. Wood, rt. hon. Sir C.
Hastie, A. Wrightson, W. B.
Hawes, B. TELLERS.
Henry, A. Hume, J.
Herbert, rt. hon. S. Bowring, Dr.
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