HC Deb 15 June 1848 vol 99 c681

, not seeing the noble Lord the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs in his place, would ask the noble Lord whether the departure of the Spanish Ambassador originated from his dismissal by the Government of Her Britannic Majesty, or whether it was in consequence of an order of recall by his own Government, or from any other circumstance; whether any correspondence would be laid on the Table of the House with regard to his departure; and whether Her Majesty's Government would lay any further correspondence before the House relative to the dismissal of the British Minister from Madrid?


The dismissal of the Spanish Ambassador from the Court of Her Britannic Majesty has resulted from a correspondence which has passed between my noble Friend the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and the Spanish Minister, and has not been the result of any recall from his own Government. My noble Friend will lay upon the table of the House additional papers, by command of Her Majesty; and the papers in question will relate to the dismissal of Sir H. Bulwer, as well as to the dismissal of the Spanish Minister.

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