HC Deb 02 June 1848 vol 99 cc250-1

asked, whether the Government had received an official announcement of the removal of one of the Judges of the Supreme Court of Van Diemen'a Land, and of proceedings being taken by the Governor with the intention of removing the other; and, if so, whether the Government intended to order the restoration of Mr. Justice Montagu, and the discontinuance of the proceedings against the Chief Justice; and to lay the correspondence on the table of the House?


had only just received despatches from the Governor of Van Diemen's Land, announcing the removal of one of the Judges of the Supreme Court; but the proceeding was taken under an Act of Parliament, and the Judge would be enabled to appeal to the Privy Council. It was no act of the Executive Government here, but the act of the Government on the spot. No accounts had arrived relating to any proceedings with regard to the removal of the Chief Justice. The despatches having only just arrived, and not having been, in fact, perused by the Secretary of State, he (Mr. Hawes) hoped to be excused saying more, or stating any opinion upon the circumstances.


gave notice that he would move, on Tuesday, for the production of papers upon the subject.

On the Motion of Mr. PARKER, it was ordered that the House, at its rising, do adjourn to Monday next.