HC Deb 28 February 1848 vol 96 c1389

wished to ask a question of Her Majesty's Ministers, with reference to the recent transactions in France, where the Government that had heretofore ruled no longer existed, and a new Government was established. The question he desired to have a reply to was, whether it were the intention of the Ministers that this country should abstain altogether from any interference with the people of France, and that the people should be left to choose for themselves, and settle what Government they pleased, so as to afford no ground for the complaint that we had meddled officiously with their affairs, or had constituted ourselves a party to any of their disputes? This was a question to which, if no objection could be urged, he was most anxious to have a reply.


Sir, I have no objection whatever to answer the question of the hon. Member. We have of course received the intelligence generally so well known to the public, of the changes which have taken place in France; and I can assure the House (indeed I should hardly have thought it necessary to make the declaration), that we have no intention whatever to interfere with the form of government which the French nation may choose to adopt, or in any way to meddle with the internal affairs of that country.

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