HC Deb 17 February 1848 vol 96 cc802-3

wished to put a question relating to the colony of Nova Scotia. A general election had taken place there, and he wished to ask whether it was the intention of the Government that in that colony responsible government should be carried out, as declared in Lord John Russell's letter.


said, that he, perhaps, could best answer the hon. Member's question by stating what had actually occurred in the colony. An election took place in August, the result of which was that the Liberal party, which had previously been in a minority in the House of Assembly, obtained a majority there. The House of Assembly met on the 22nd of January, and the first thing it did was to pass a vote of confidence in the Executive Council, which was conveyed to the Governor, Sir John Harvey, in an address. The Governor replied that he would adopt such measures as appeared to be expedient upon the occasion. Thereupon the Members of the Executive Council tendered their resignations, and Sir J. Harvey wrote on the 1st of February that he thought he would be able to form a Government without delay. From that statement of facts his hon. Friend would see that the principle of responsible government was in active operation in Nova Scotia.

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