HC Deb 08 February 1848 vol 96 c290

said, he understood the estimate; for the Now Houses of Parliament was 1,400,000l., and he wished to ask the noble Lord the First Commissioner of Woods and Forests whether he had any objection to lay upon the table of the House a detailed account of the estimate, and also whether the Woods and Forests considered they were responsible for the amount?


replied, he had been assured by the architect that not more than 1,400,000l., would be required. He hoped the architect would be able to bear out his assurance.


thought that after the answer given by the noble Lord, considering that they had a deficient and sinking revenue, he was entitled to put a question to the First Lord of the Treasury. He begged to ask if the noble Lord was prepared to check this enormous expenditure, and if he would give that House an assurance that no more than 1,400,000l., as specified in the estimate, should be spent upon the building?


replied, that he was not able to say more than had been said by his noble Friend. He hoped the estimate would be adhered to; but as to being responsible for any architect, it was quite out of the question.

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