HC Deb 15 August 1848 vol 101 c144

On the Motion for bringing up the Report,


stated, that the object of this Bill had been much misunderstood. It did not increase the power of the Poor Law Commission, or aggravate the severity of the present law. On the contrary, it limited the one, and decreased the other. Its object was, in fact, to authorise certain payments of the boards of guardians not allowed by the strict letter of the existing poor-law. The present system of auditing had had the effect of making the law unduly stringent upon this head. The fourth clause was the most important one in the Bill, giving, as it did, power to the Commissioners to hear and decide on appeals with reference to allowances and disallowances, and to decide upon the merits of each individual case. He had received from all parts of the county general expressions of satisfaction at the provisions of the Bill, and the prospect they held out of mitigating many of the severities complained of under the present law.

Report received.

House adjourned at Five o'clock, there being only thirty Members present.

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