HC Deb 01 August 1848 vol 100 cc1074-5

Report and Resolutions of the Committee appointed to investigate the affairs of the National Land Company brought up and read.


Sir, there were two questions submitted to the Committee; the one was to inquire into the expenditure of the monies of the company, and the other as to the practicability or impracticability of the plan. It having been circulated, not in one newspaper, but in nearly every newspaper in the country, that I had established this plan for my own benefit, und that improper accounts were for that object kept, I beg now to appeal to those hon. Gentlemen who were on the Committee—and especially to the Chairman of that Committee—and to ask them, first, whether every facility which they thought necessary for the investigation and fair hearing of the whole case was not given to them?


I bear my most willing testimony to the accuracy of what the hon. and learned Gentleman has stated. I am desirous to admit that every facility was given to the Committee for the investigation of the whole of the accounts and matters relating to this company. Every officer that we called for was at once produced. The accounts were rigidly investigated by an accountant, who was appointed by myself at the suggestion of the Committee; and the result was that which the hon. and learned Gentleman has stated to the House. Undoubtedly the accounts were kept—I will not enter into the reason why they were so kept—in an extremely irregular manner.


I perfectly agree that every facility was given to the Members of the Committee to investigate the affairs of the company; but at the same time, I cannot conceal from myself this fact, that the whole of the original accounts, as stated to have been audited by Mr. Cuffay and Mr. Knight, the auditors of the company, with the exception of the accounts for the quarter ending September last, December last, and November last, have been destroyed. They were not forthcoming; although I admit that, according to the data which was placed before the accountant nominated by the Committee, there does appear to be a balance due to the hon. and learned Gentleman of 3,200l. from the company.

Report to be printed.