HC Deb 13 April 1848 vol 98 c284

PUBLIC BILLS.—1° Horsham Borough; Small Debts.—Indemnity.

2° Petty Bag Office.—Exchequer Bills (17,946,500l.). PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Mr. Pattison, from Citizens of London, for an Extension of the Franchise.—By Mr. J. O'Connell, from various Places in Ireland, for Repeal of the Union.—By Mr. Clay, from Kingston-upon-Hull, complaining of Forgery of Signatures to the Petition of the Inhabitants of the British Isles. —By Mr. Wood, from Oxford, for the Adoption of Universal Suffrage.—By Mr. Cobden, from Lincoln, and Mr. Forester, from Coal. brookdale and Ironbridge, for the Better Observance of the Sabbath.—By Captain Jones, from Dunboe (Londonderry), and the Earl of Lincoln, from Airdrie, for Alteration of Law respecting Sites for Churches (Scotland).—By Mr. Bremridge, from Attorneys and Solicitors of several Places, for Repeal of the Duty on Attorneys' Certificates. — By Sir H. Williamson, from Sunderland, and Mr. East, from Winchester, for the Exemption of Charitable Bequests from Legacy Duties.—By Mr. Gardner, from Theale (Berkshire), for Reduction of Duties on Tea, Coffee, Sugar, and Cocoa.— By Dr. Bowring, and other Hon. Members, from several Places, against the Crown and Government Security Bill.—By Mr. Duncan, from Dundee, and Lord Rendlesham, from Southtown (Suffolk), against the Diplomatic Relations, Court of Rome, Bill.—By Viscount Bernard, and Mr. G. Hamilton, from several Places, for Encouragement to Schools in Connexion with the Church Education Soctety (Ireland).—By Mr. S. Crawford, from Rochdale, for a Free Pardon to Frost, Williams, and Jones. "By Mr. Cobden, from Huddersfield, for Repeal of the Game Laws.—By Mr. J. O'Connell, from several Places in Ireland, against the Landlord and Tenant (Ireland) Bill.—By Mr. Du Pre, from Buckingham, for Alteration of the Lunatic Asylums Act.—By the Earl of Lincoln, from Merchants and Shipowners of Grangemouth, against the Repeal of the Navigation Laws.—By Mr. G. Hamilton, from Cecil (Tyrone), for Inquiry respecting the Poor Law (Ireland).—By Viscount Castlereagh, from Downpatrick, for the Prohibition of Processions (Ireland).—By Mr. Bernal, from Rochester, against the Public Health Bill; and by Viscount Morpeth, from London, in favour of the same.