HC Deb 10 April 1848 vol 98 c73

NEW MEMBER SWORN.—For Carlisle, Philip Henry Howard, Esq.

PUBLIC BILLS.—2° Crown and Government Security.

Reported.—Crown and Government Security.

3° and passed:—Marine Mutiny; Mutiny.

PETITIONS PRESCENTED. By Captain Pechell, from Brighton, for Reform in the Representative System.—By Mr. Bright, and other Hon. Members, from several Places, for the Adoption of Universal Suffrage.—From Devizes, in favour of the Jewish Disabilities Bill.—By Mr. Cowan, from Edinburgh, for the Better Observance of the Lord's Day.—By Viscount Adare, from Cardiff, against the Roman Catholic Charitable Trusts Bill.—By Mr. Serjeant Talfourd, and other Hon. Members, from various Places, for Repeal of the Duty on Attorneys' Certificates.—By Mr. J. Evans, from Members of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Manchester Unity, of Haverfordwest, for Extension of the Benefit Societies Act to that Order.—By Messrs. Hume, Wakley, and W. J. Fox, against the Crown and Government Security Bill.—By several Hon. Members, from various Places, against the Diplomatic Relations, Court of Rome, Bill.—By Sir R. H. Inglis, from Protestants of Wexford, for Encouragement to Schools in Connexion with the Church Education Society (Ireland).—By Mr. Bond Cabbell, from Westminster, for Discontinuing Interment in Towns, and for Sanitary Regulations.—By Mr. S. Crawford, from several Places in Ireland, against the Landlord and Tenant (Ireland) Bill. —By Viscount Drumlanrig, from Penpont, and Mr. Fergus, from Fife, for the Improvement of Parochial Schools (Scotland).—By Mr. Beckett, from York, in favour of the Public Health Bill; and by Viscount Ebrington, from James Baxter, and Colonel Thompson, from Bradford, for Alteration of the same.—By Mr. Fordyce, from Aberdeen, and Mr. P. Howard, from Carlisle, for the Abolition of the Punishment of Death.—By Mr. W. Morison, from Dunfermline, for Ameliorating the Condition of Schoolmasters (Scotland).