HC Deb 21 May 1847 vol 92 c1235

Order of the Day read for the resumption of the Adjourned Debate on the First Reading of the Seduction and Prostitution Suppression Bill.


acknowledged the sincerity of the motives of the promoter of the present Bill, but firmly believed that the measure was more likely to increase than to check the evil. Considering that it was now past twelve o'clock, and that the adjourned debate was likely to last a considerable time, he thought it would be advisable to adjourn till a future period the consideration of a Bill which, however laudable in its object, was certainly very novel in its nature. He should like to ask the Attorney General opposite, who was very competent to give an opinion on the powers of this Bill, whether it would carry into effect that which the hon. Member for Birmingham proposed? He thought it would be prudent for the hon. Member to postpone the further consideration of the Bill not for six months, but for two months. The latter period would be sufficient.

Bill read a first time.