HC Deb 15 May 1847 vol 92 c889

MINUTES.] PUBLIC BILLS.—1° Herring Fishery (Scotland). Reported.—Loan Discount.

3° and passed:—Turnpike Roads (Ireland); Lunatic Asylums (Ireland).

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Mr. Sheridan, from Owners and Occupiers of Land in the County of Dorset, in favour of the Agricultural Tenant-Right Bill.—By Mr. Arkwright and other hon. Members, from several places, for Regulating the Qualification of Chemists and Druggists.—By Mr. P. Howard, from Carlisle, against, and by Mr. Sheridan, from Piano-Forte Makers of London, in favour of, the Health of Towns Bill.—By Mr. Hawes, from a great many places, in favour of the Medical Registration and Medical Law Amendment Bill.