HC Deb 07 May 1847 vol 92 cc523-4

begged to ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department if, in conformity with the recommendation of the Commissioners in Lunacy in their last report upon Haydock Lodge, the magistrates of the county of Lancaster, on the renewal of the license this year, had required the proprietor, Mr. Coode, to reside on the premises; and also to provide a competent medical assistant; also to reside in the asylum? The recommenda- tion of the Commissioners was in these terms:— At the same, we are strongly of opinion, that in case the justices of Lancashire be disposed, on consulting with the local visitors, to grant the application, which must shortly come before them, for renewing the existing license, they might most properly insist that Mr. Coode, the individual who is most largely interested in the prosperity of the institution, and who, whatever he may be in form, is virtually the principal proprietor, should be associated in the license by name as co-proprietor with his sister, and that his residence upon the premises should be made an indispensable condition of the renewal; and we would, moreover suggest, that care should be taken upon the same occasion to enforce the immediate appointment of a competent medical assistant, to be also resident on the spot, and relieve the present medical officer from a portion of his duties.


said, a correspondence had taken place between the Commissioners of Lunacy and the visiting justices in Lancashire on this subject; and the license was granted for a short period, in order that it might be decided what course should ultimately be adopted. At the end of four months that license was renewed; but Mr. Coode's residence was not insisted on, the license being granted in the name of Mr. Jenkins, who resided in the establishment. With respect to the second part of the question, he could answer it in the affirmative. Mr. Green, a gentleman perfectly competent, had been appointed.

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