HC Deb 30 March 1847 vol 91 cc671-2

House in Committee on the Fever Bill (Ireland).


remarked, that he had no desire to interfere with the progress of the Bill, as he supposed some such measure was required in the present state of Ireland, and especially as he had urged upon the House, at an early period of the Session, the advisability of reconstituting the Central Board of Health. His principal object in rising on the present occasion was, to call attention to the statements which had been made by the right hon. Gentleman opposite, the Chief Secretary for Ireland (Mr. Labouchcre). That right hon. Gentleman had given as his reason why the Board of Health should not be reconstituted, that great abuses had crept into the system as carried on by the late Government. He stated that certain acts to which he then referred had rendered it necessary to discontinue the Central Board of Health; and he remarked that numerous abuses had taken place; that the expenditure had been lavish and wasteful; and that the various complaints of mismanagement which had reached the Government, had made them determine to suspend the operations of the board. He would not move an amendment on the Bill, but he could not help expressing his belief, that, as regarded the permanent interests of Ireland and the proper application of relief, it was a great oversight in the Government not to have adhered to the Bill of last Session, and made the expenses be borne by the poor rates in the usual manner.


assured the noble Lord that the Bill had been prepared with great care, and had received the sanction of the highest authorities in Ireland, and of those who were most conversant with the state of that country. The present circumstances of the Irish people, and the necessity of providing relief, justified the departure from the Bill of last Session, alluded to by the noble Lord.

House resumed. Bill to be reported.

House adjourned at twenty minutes past One o'clock.