HC Deb 29 March 1847 vol 91 cc554-5

said, that in the colonial circular of the Colonial Emigration Commission he had seen a number of extracts from the reports of the emigration agents resident in the colonies, who all concurred in representing the great de- mand that there was for labour in the colonies at present, and the additional facilities there would be for finding employment for labour if they should be furnished with a supply of it, and asked if the Government would lay on the Table the whole of the despatches from which these extracts had been published, and whether any additional reports had reached them to the same effect?


explained, that all the despatches from Canada, from which the extracts referred to by the hon. Baronet had been made, were already on the Table. With respect to the other reports, namely, those from Australia and the other colonies, he could assure the hon. Gentleman that the whole of the despatches had been carefully examined and extracted from; and he was satisfied there was nothing more of any value on this subject stated in those despatches. Papers had been already ordered by the House which would contain further information; and between them and the papers on the Table, the hon. Baronet would now have all the information that it was possible for him to have on this question.

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