HC Deb 26 March 1847 vol 91 cc540-1

said, that in compliance with the customary duty which devolved upon an individual trustee of the British Museum, he had to move that a certain amount be granted on account of the works. A statement of the progress of those works had been so fully laid before the public, that he felt it would be unnecessary for him to trouble the House with any details. He would, however, mention, with a view to showing the increased interest which the public took in the institution, that the number of persons who visited the institution in the course of the year 1846 was more than double the number who visited it in 1841. The numbers were—in 1841, 319,000; and in 1846, 750,000. The total amount required, after deducting the sums provided from other resources, amounted to 48,000l.; but he would propose to take on account 20,000l.

Vote agreed to.

The House resumed. Resolution to be reported.