HC Deb 26 March 1847 vol 91 cc488-9

PUBLIC BILLS.—1° Prisons (Ireland).—Troops during Elections; Service of Heirs (Scotland); Crown Charters (Scotland).

2° Drainage of Lands; Lunatic Asylums; Naval Service of Boys; Naval Prisons.

Reported.—Harbours, Docks, and Piers Clauses.

3° and passed:—Commons Inclosure (No. 2).

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Mr. S. O'Brien, from Calway, respecting Controverted Elections (Ireland).—By Mr. R. Currie, from Northampton, against the Use of Grain in Breweries and Distilleries.—By Mr. Moffat t, from Scotch Distillers, for Alteration of Law in relation to British Bonded Spirits.—By Mr. M. J. O'Connell, from Clonmel, against the Proposed Measure respecting Colonial Spirits.—By Sir E. Filmer, from three places in Kent, respecting Remuneration to Tax Assessors and Collectors.—By Captain Pechell, from Brighton, for Inquiry into the Conduct of the Brighton Police.—By Sir R. Peel, from Trustees of the British Museum, for Aid.—By several Hon. Members, from an immense number of Dissenting Congregations, against the Government Scheme of Education; and by Mr. Cowper, from Clergymen near Buntingford, in Favour of the same.—By Mr. S. Crawford, from Landholders of the Gorey Poor Law Union, for Alteration of the Law respecting Landlord and Tenant (Ireland).—By Mr. Gregory, from Ballinasloe, for Alteration of Poor Relief (Ireland) Bill.—By Sir E. Kerrison, from Suffolk, and Captain Pechell, from Gloucester, Hereford, and Worcester, for Repeal or Alteration of the Poor Removal Act.—By Mr. S. Crawford, and Viscount Morpeth, from, several places, for the Suppression of Promiscuous Intercourse.—By Mr. Moffatt, from several places in Ireland, in favour of the Railways (Ireland) Bill.—By Mr. A. Oswald, from Ayr, against the Registering Births, &c. (Scotland) Bill, and Marriage (Scotland) Bill; and by Mr. Matheson, from Dingwall, for Compensation respecting the same.—By Mr. Rumbold, from Great Yarmouth, for Alteration of the Law of Settlement.