HC Deb 26 March 1847 vol 91 cc490-1

begged to ask the Secretary of the Admiralty whether any Commission had been appointed to consider and take evidence on the plan to be adopted for constructing a harbour of refuge at Holyhead? and if so, who they consisted of, and what were their instructions?


replied, that a Commission had been appointed to take into consideration, not the comparative merits of the present plan for forming a harbour of refuge at Holyhead as compared with other plans, but the merits or demerits of the plan proposed by Mr. Rendel. The Commission consisted of three officers, all eminent men, and none of them connected with any previous investigations—they were Captain Barwell, Captain Collinson, and Captain Shepherd. They were to hear evidence upon the plan, and more especially in a nautical point of view, but not in reference to a comparison with any other plan, but simply with regard to its own merits, or deficiency; and if the noble Lord would give him a list of persons the noble Lord might wish to be examined, they should be examined before the Commission.