HC Deb 16 March 1847 vol 91 cc17-8

NEW WRIT. For Bedford County, v. William Astell, Esq. deceased.

NEW MEMBER SWORN. For Canterbury, Lord Albert Denison Conyngham.

PUBLIC BILLS.—2° Marine Mutiny.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Mr. Labouchere, from Limerick, for the Abolition of certain Oaths—By Mr. Williams, from London and Westminster, for Inquiry respecting the Rajah of Sattara.—By Mr. Ainsworth, from Bolton-le-Moors, against the Use of Grain in Breweries and Distilleries.—By Mr. Forster, from Kircaldy (Scotland) and Carnarvon, for the Reduction of Lighthouse Dues.—By Sir J. Hobhouse and other Hon. Members, from several places, respecting Remuneration to Tax Assessors and Collectors.—By Mr. S. Crawford, from Aghada (Cork), for the Establishment of an Agricultural Tenant-right (Ireland).—By Mr. Borthwick, from Bradford, for Repeal of the Anatomy Act.—By Mr. W. Patten, from Chorley, for Inquiry respecting Cotton (India).—By Viscount Acheson, from Mullaghbrack, for Supplying Coffins for the Deceased Poor (Ireland).—By Mr. E. Howard, from Stratten St. Margaret's and Swindon (Wilts), against the Government Scheme of Education.—By Mr. Ainsworth, from Chorley, in Favour of the Ten Hours Factories Bill.—By Lord G. Bentinck, from Tipperary, for Regulating the Sale of Fire Arms (Ireland).—By Lord Robert Grosvenor, from Limehouse, for an Efficient Poor Law (Ireland).—By Sir C. Coote, from the Grand Jury of the Queen's County, against the Poor Relief (Ireland) Bill.—From Owners and Occupiers of Land in the Counties of Antrim, Armagh, and Down, for Alteration of the Poor Relief (Ireland) Bill.—By Sir W. Codrington, from Guardians of the Poor of the Northleach Union, for Repeal or Alteration of the Poor Removal Act.—By Major Beresford, from Harwich, and Mr. C. Cavendish, from Youghal (Cork), in Favour of the Ports, Harbours, &c. Bill.—By Lord R. Grosvenor and Mr. Spooner, from numerous places, for the Suppression of Promiscuous Intercourse—By Mr. Lawson, from the East and West Yorkshire Junction Railway Company, against the Railways Bill.—By Mr. Vesey, from Guardians of the Poor of the Abbeyleix Union, in Favour of the Railways (Ireland) Bill.—By Mr. J. Young, from Tullygarvey (Cavan), suggesting Measures respecting Relief to Ireland.