HC Deb 05 March 1847 vol 90 c949

drew the attention of the right hon. Secretary of Ireland to sixteen proclamations of presentments for public works in Ireland in a recent number of the Dublin Gazette; these presentments, he apprehended, were made under the Act of last Session. He wished to ask, whether it was intended by the Government to sanction further employment of the people under these presentments, after the measures just introduced?


said, the measures which were intended as substitutes for the Act of last Session, had only just passed the Legislature, and had not yet come into operation. He could assure the hon. Gentleman there was every anxiety on the part of the Government to reduce and extinguish the system of public works as speedily as might be consistent with the peace and safety of the country.


asked, whether any express orders had yet been issued on the subject?


said, most precise and positive directions had been given to the Irish Government to carry this intention into effect.