HC Deb 05 March 1847 vol 90 c948

PUBLIC BILLS.—1° Army Service; Life Insurances.

2° Drainage of Land; Loan.

Reported.—3° Consolidated Fund (8,000,000l.)

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Sir R. H. Inglis, from Grately (Hants) and Quarley (Southampton), against the Roman Catholic Relief Bill.—By the Earl of Arundel and Surrey, from Chilvers Coton and Nuneaton (Warwick), in Favour of the Roman Catholic Relief Bill.—By Mr. Escott and Sir De L. Evans, from Westminster, and Sir B. Hall, from Marylebone, for Inquiry respecting the Rajah of Sattara.—By Mr. Sotheron, from Bradford, for Repeal of the Stamp Duty on Attorneys' Certificates.—By Mr. Brotherton, from Oxford and Okehampton, against the Use of Grain in Breweries and Distilleries.—By Mr. Forster, from Garliestown and Great Grimsby, and Mr. Hume, from Arbroath, for the Reduction of Lighthouse Dues.—By Mr. Godson, from Kidderminster, respecting Remuneration to Tax Assessors and Collectors.—By Mr. Labouchere, from Members of the Athy Relief Committee, respecting Ventilation of Cottages (Ireland).—By Mr. Walker, from Bury, in Favour of the Ten Hours Factories Bill.—By Mr. J. Tollemache, from Middlewich, for a Day of Humiliation on account of the Famine in Ireland.—By Mr. T. Duncombe, from the Isle of Wight, for Inquiry into the Management of the Roads in that Island.—By Mr. Mitcalfe, from North Shields, against the Repeal of the Navigation Laws.—By Mr. P. Scrope, from several places in Ireland, for Alteration in the Poor Law (Ireland).—By Mr. Walker, from Chorley, for an Efficient Poor Law (Ireland).—By Mr. Bowles, from the Inhabitants of the Hamlet of St. Thomas the Apostle (Cornwall), and Lord Rendlesham, from Cratfield, for Repeal or Alteration in the Poor Removal Act.—By Mr. Mangles, from Guildford, for the Suppression of Promiscuous Intercourse.—By Mr. Hume, from the Society of Freethinking Christians (London), for the Abolition of Punishment of Death.—By Mr. Aldam and other Hon. Members, from several Railway Companies, against the Railways Bill.—By Colonel Mure, from the Trustees of the Renfrewshire Turnpike Road, for Alteration of the Railways Bill. — By Mr. P. Carew and other Hon. Members, from several places, for Alteration of the Law Settlement.—By Mr. Hindley, from the Peace Society, for referring National Disputes to Arbitration.

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