HC Deb 01 March 1847 vol 90 cc603-4

PUBLIC BILLS.—1° Drainage of Land.

2° Consolidated Fund (£8,000,000).

Reported.—Poor Relief (Ireland).

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Dr. Bowring, from Bengal, for Inquiry into the Legacy Duties.—By Mr. Forster and other Hon. Members, from several places, for Reduction of Lighthouse Dues.—By Mr. H. Baillie, from Chairman and Committee of the Forres Agricultural Society, against the Proposed Measures relating to Rum.—By Mr. Heath-cote, from Lincoln, respecting the Remuneration of Tax Assessors and Collectors.—By Lord J. Manners, from Stalybridge, in Favour of the Ten Hours Bill in Factories.—By Mr. Sharman Crawford, from Hawick, suggesting Measures of Relief for Ireland and Scotland.—By Sir H. Douglas, from the Liverpool Shipowners' Society, against the Repeal of the Navigation Laws.—By Mr. P. Scrope, from Cork, for Alteration of the Poor Law (Ireland).—By Sir C. Coote and Captain Jones, from Mount Melick and Londonderry, against the Poor Relief (Ireland) Bill—By Mr. Berkeley, and other Hon. Members, from several places, for Repeal or Alteration of the Poor Removal Act.—By Mr. Bateson, from Coleraine, in Favour of the Railways (Ireland) Bill.—By Mr. S. O'Brien, from Galway, suggesting Measures for Relief to Ireland); and from Clare, respecting certain Charges respecting Captain Wynne.