HC Deb 01 March 1847 vol 90 c659

, in moving for leave to bring in a Bill to amend the Act 9 and 10 Victoria, cap. 101, authorizing the advance of public money for the improvement of land by drainage, explained that it was proposed for the purpose of extending the objects to which money lent in terms of the Drainage Act of last year might be applied. Where there was a large seaboard, it was found impossible for the proprietors to raise means for the purpose of rendering the drainage effectual, and the land safe by enclosure and the formation of proper outfalls. He proposed to retain the proviso of the Act of last Session, that the land improved should be liable to an annual charge for twenty-two years; but a provision would be introduced, limiting the amount of the advances to individual proprietors; for it would be seen that some very large demands had been made under the Act of last Session, and a great desire existed to reduce the extent of such demands within moderate bounds. It was proposed, that when applications were made for advances, certificates should be issued by the Enclosure Commissioners for such an amount as in their opinion could properly be expended within three years, and that the parties should have no claim to the use of what was left unexpended at the end of that period.

Leave given. Bill brought in and read a first time.