HC Deb 30 June 1847 vol 93 c1057

PUBLIC BILLS.—1° Bishopric of Manchester, ? Mussel Fisheries (Scotland); Compensation for Damages (Ireland).

Reported.—Canada Consolidated Revenue Fund.

3° and passed;—Master in Chancery; Militia Ballots Suspension; Naval Mutiny.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Sir J. Hobhouse, from Norwich, against Encouraging Idolatry in India.—By Mr. Wawn, from South Shields, for Abolition of the Receipt Stamp Tax.—By Mr. Brotherton, from Ipswich, and other places, for One Penny Stamp Tax on Receipts, &c.—By Mr. Wakley, from various Gentlemen, for Completion of Farringdon New Street.—By Sir J. Hobhouse, from Nottingham, in favour of Health of Towns Bill.—By Mr. Wakley, from various places, in favour of the Medical Registration and Medical Law Amendment Bill.—By Mr. Newdegate, from Relieving Officers, and others, for a Superannuation Fund for Poor Law Officers.—By Sir Charles Knightley, from Daventry (Northampton) for Alteration of the Poor Laws Administration Bill.—By Sir G. Grey, from Lincoln, for Alteration of Registration of Births, &c. Act.