HC Deb 28 June 1847 vol 93 cc1046-9

On the Order of the Day for the Second Reading of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Bill,


said, that this Bill proposed to place the business of bankruptcy again under the Court of Chancery, although it had been severed from it upon the recommendation of a Commission who had well considered the subject. No reason had been assigned either in that or the other House of Parliament for the reversal of the decision of the Legislature; and he thought that, before they proceeded with it, some explanation ought to be given by the Government.


said, that a report had been made on this subject in the House of Lords: and he thought that that report should be laid before the House before they took any further steps with the Bill.


said, that practically the Court of Review was abolished, and the business of the court was done by one of the Vice Chancellors. But in order to qualify him to act, he was obliged to receive the appointment of Chief Judge of the Court of Review. The object of this Bill was to abolish the technical mode of transferring the business to the Vice Chancellor, and to give the sanction of Parliament to that which had hitherto been done without its sanction.

Bill read a second time.

House adjourned at One o'Clock.