HC Deb 24 June 1847 vol 93 c838

PUBLIC BILLS.—1° Polling at Elections; Poor Removal Act Amendment (No. 2).

2° Militia Ballots Suspension.

Reported.— Health of Towns; Custody of Offenders; Fishery Piers and Harbours (Ireland).

3° and passed:—Poor Laws Administration; Tithes Commutation; Threatening Letters, &.

PETITION'S PRESENTED. By Mr. Brotherton, from North, Shields, for the Abolition of the Receipt Stamp Tax.— By Lord E. Howard, from Protestant Dissenters of Morpeth, against, and by Lord R. Grosvenor and Sir R. Peel, from Catholics of Neston and Hereford, for Alteration of, the proposed Plan of Education.—By Mr. G. Hope, from Owners and Occupiers of Property in the Parish of South Stoneham, against the Health of Towns Bill.—By Colonel Sibthorp, from Commissioners for Paving, Lighting, Watching, and Improving the City of Lincoln, in favour tithe Health of Towns Bill and Towns Improvement Clauses Bill.—By Colonel T. Wood, from Officers connected with the Administration of the Poor Law in England and Wales, for Establishing a Superannuation Fund.—By Mr. Masterman, from Butchers and others resorting to Smithfield Market, against its Removal.