HC Deb 21 June 1847 vol 93 c787

had asked himself what chance he had of carrying this Bill if Ministers were thus obliged to abandon their measures? The Session would be brought to a close shortly; and the arrangements made when he moved the Committee of Medical Inquiry was, that he should not move the second reading of the Bill till they had made a report. Now, five witnesses from the College of Physicians had been examined before that Committee, one from the College of Surgeons, and several more from the council of that college, and also several from the metropolitan societies were to be examined against the Bill. He feared that, under these circumstances, he had no chance of passing this Bill this Session; he wished, therefore, to give the House no unnecessary trouble by keeping the Bill on the Paper; and as the Executive Government had found it necessary to withdraw their measures, he could not hope to press his. But he gave notice, that, if he should be so fortunate, or so unfortunate, as to have a seat in that House next Session, he would, at its commencement, move the reappointment of the Committee.

Order of the Day for the Second Reading of the Medical Registration Bill discharged, and Bill withdrawn.

House adjourned at a quarter past Eight o'clock.